Bullfrog’s patented JetPak Therapy System gives you a premium hot tub that you can personalize. JetPaks are removable and interchangeable, each engineered to provide a unique and enjoyable massage experience. Only a Bullfrog Spa allows you to choose, interchange, and adjust each of your massages to fine tune your relaxation.
Bullfrog Spas are simply engineered better than any other spa. You get the most reliable hot tub, the most energy efficient hot tub in its class, and a 100% wood free structure that will last.

A Hot Tub with More Options

Bullfrog Spas are premium hot tubs made with the patented JetPak Therapy System™. Each JetPak® is bio-engineered to provide a specific massage experience. With your choice of JetPaks®, Bullfrog Spas give you more hydrotherapy options than any other hot tub.

Bullfrog Spas are the only hot tubs that allow you to choose from 16 different hydromassages. You are empowered to easily customize your jetting configuration to make this the best hot tub for you and your lifestyle, and you can update it to fit your changing needs at any time.


You deserve more options. You deserve a Bullfrog Spa…

CloudControl™ Hot Tub App, Only on a Bullfrog Spa

Now you can control and operate your hot tub from your smartphone or tablet.

Owning your hot tub has never been so easy.

Hot Tubs, Engineered for Perfection

Bullfrog Spas premium hot tubs are engineered with cutting edge modern technology. It’s no longer the 1980s and we don’t believe today’s hot tubs should be built the same way they were then.

Bullfrog Spas are born from hi-tech design technologies and the finest materials available. The support structure is precision-made from modern composites instead of wood. Comfortable environments are conceptually engineered, then hand-finished into durable acrylic shells. Each spa features the finest components. Every detail of your Bullfrog Spa is engineered to fit perfectly, work simply, and feel amazing.

Designed to be simple, beautiful and reliable for years to come…